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What Events Genie Mobile App Offers

A successful 'Delegates to Delegates' and 'Delegates to Exhibitors' networking has always played a pivotal point in any conference's and exhibition's success.

A good networking results in great connections for delegates & good leads for the exhibitors and sponsors and chances of them staying with you for future events are always high.

Events Genie ticks on all the requirements when it comes to an App which provides users' engagement and transmitting event information in a couple of clicks, literally!

A SaaS product of Design Accent Software Solutions, Events Genie is a Ready to Use Event Networking app with DIY dashboard.

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Event Details

Guide the Attendee Journey with Easy-to-Find Event Essentials. Make Last Minute Updates to Your Agenda which can be accessed in the same minute you pushed!



Attendees can create profile and can view and connect with other participants.



A good Event & networking mobile App gives you more ways than ever to meet sponsor goals. Putting up a good profile to Color-coded ribbons, smart mobile ads, and banner ads are just a few more ways to boost Sponsor ROI.


Event Support

Make Event Management Easier with all the information updated on a single App. Get quick online support for any query you have related to the event- pre, during and post event.


Event Analytics

measure the event success through Analytics & Reports showing delegates and exhibitors engagement.


Simple and Easy to use the DIY Dashboard

Manage your event without any dependency by using the simple to use dashboard and fill in all your event details and publish. Voila, your details are updated on the App instantly.


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